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October 3, 2007
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Marvel Lineup 21 by VegetarianGoat Marvel Lineup 21 by VegetarianGoat
Basically, these are my redesigns of established Marvel characters, and all the costumes are of my brain.

8/18/13 EDIT: Updated Pyro!

Anyways, Hope you like! Pleeease crit!

Download will let you view at full size- it's large and in charge!

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Great drawing of X-MEN villains! The Unstoppable Juggernaut, hate filled older half brother of Professor X, his design looks like a mix of classic with "X-3: Last Stand"! Magneto, Professor X's best friend/biggest enemy, the mutant master of magnetism, Founder of The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, farther of Quick Silver, Scarlet Witch and Polaris and eventually, X-MAN and New Mutant teacher! His design, also a mix between classic and movie! Pyro, longtime Brotherhood of Evil Mutant member! Very disco inferno design! The Shadow King, the 1st evil mutant Professor X ever fought, former master of Storm, evil and powerful telepath, in his human and shadow demon like astral projection, scary!
SpiderGuile Aug 19, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Love Pyro and Shadow King a lot!
it would look awesome on magneto. but black and red could also be associated as Nazi colors, something im sure magneto wants to stray away from, but then again, he does have a similar mission
VegetarianGoat Jun 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, the Irony!
I apologize for my reviews taking so long, with school and my own projects, its been hard to keep track :P

Juggernaught: I like the over all idea, but that helmet bugs me, though i guess it could work with him joining the thunderbolts and all ;) . other then that i think the design is great, i always thought the legs looked bare and i like how you handed that, also the steel toed boots area great ;)
Magneto: To be honest, i dont like the grey, ive always dug the purple and red (only manly men wear purple ;) ) but the costume itself is great, the military look works perfect since magneto was basically a military leader, the execution of the boots and arm bands was done great. And i love how you handled the collar for the cape.
Pyro: At first glance i didnt like it, i thought he looked like some disco magician, after looking closer, i started to enjoy it, the white actually looks great with the flames, makes him pop and looks more glowing, the goggles look cool and im glad you kept em, though id like you to explain how the fire pumps are working o.o
Shadow King: though his human form doesnt seem to have been altered much, i really love his shadow form, its exactly what a demonic royal figure should look like, toad-like, hairy, and of course holding a steaming goblet ;)
i hope to see you design destiny soon :D
VegetarianGoat May 29, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, man! It's cool- any comment i get is fun for me to read, whenever i get it. So it doesn't matter to me how far apart they come. Your own stuff is way more important anyway.

Onto the comments-
I made Magneto grey for two reasons: One, i just think it looks really cool in the movies, and two, in the early days, he was supposed to be red and grey as opposed to red and purple, like a horseshoe magnet. But the printers couldn't sustain a consistent shade of grey, so he ended up purple. (A similar think happened to Hulk and Beast, and that's how they ended up Green and Blue, respectively.)

Pyro's suit is something of a conceit- I came up with that design about 10 years ago, long before i started this project, and just slapped it together when the time came. I probably could've improved on it some, but really, i just wanted to draw THIS costume for this project. As for the fire pumps, i imagine he's got some kind of doo-dad on his back that feeds through the sleeves. And also- "Disco Magician" made me lol.

Shadow King- if you look closely at his goblet, you'll see that it's made out of people.

Nice work on Pyro!


(BTW, what is he burning? It looks like a mask.)

Magneto, huh i didnt know the color was supposed to be grey, i guess im just used to the purple...i think black and red would look awesome on magneto, though i know why it wouldnt work at the same time.

Pyro, diso magician with a doo-dad...tonight is full of great words :D

now THAT is bad ass ;)
VegetarianGoat May 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm. I'm thinking Black and Red wouldn't look that bad!
xxxphx Apr 18, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i love this one magneto and juggie looks awesome :) pyro and shadow king too :P
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